Best Things To Do And See For Couples In Lanzarote - Lanzarote ON

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Best Things To Do And See For Couples In Lanzarote - Lanzarote ON Best Things To Do And See For Couples In Lanzarote - Lanzarote ON

Lanzarote is a true paradise for anyone wishing for some time alone with their loved love, and enjoy peace, tranquility and and some fun exploring the island !!!

Excursions Lanzarote

LanzaroteON have a list of best things to see and do in Lanzarote, from volcanoes, wine tasting, some island hopping.

Timanfaya National Park

The Timanfaya National Park is by far the most popular and breathtaking attractions in Lanzarote, with the area well known as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and also recently added to the list of World Network of Geo parks. It is a perfect place to appreciate the the martian-like landscape, the beautiful flora and fauna and Food being cooked on a grill with heat coming out from a volcano !!!! Book Your Experience At The Timanfaya

Cesar Manrique

The Cesar Manrique is a great Canarian artist who brought his unique architecture and the volcanic landscape together beautifully. You must go on the Cesar Manrique Tour to get to know the multi-faceted man, experience his work and enjoy a three course romantic lunch at a fishing village. Book Your Visit To Cesar Manrique's Works

Las Cuevas de los Verdes

Las Cuevas de los Verdes or the Green Caves are an architectural phenomena by Cesar Manrique. It has beautiful lighting designed by Jesus Soto, and, of course, the great optical illusion which will astound you.Book And Have A Memorable Time At Las Cuevas de los Verdes

Swim With Sea Lions

Swimming With Sea Lions is another memorable activity you could do with your loved one. The Rancho Texas Animal Park is the only place in Lanzarote where you can get swim the sea lions and have loads of fun. Book Your Swim With Sea Lions

Unwind at a Spa

After all you are on a holiday, you need some time to unwind and relax and what better way to do that at a Spa, and we have one of the best places you could do just that, at the Spa and Wellness at Arrecife Gran Hotel. Unwind and Relax At the Spa

Jameos Del Agua

The Jameos del Agua, designed by Cesar Manrique and home to the blind albino crab have subterranean pathways in a cave, an auditorium and a volcanic museum, a scientific center dedicated to Volcanology studies. Book Your Visit To Jameos Del Aqua

Jardin de Cactus or The Cactus Garden

Jardin de Cactus is also designed by the great artist Cesar Manrique, on the site of ancient lava ash, with concentric terraces of cacti from Africa, America and the Canary Islands. Book Your Visit To Jardin De Cactus

Discover La Graciosa

One of the Hidden Gems of the Canary Island is La Graciosa. La Graciosa is an undeveloped island, full of beautiful beaches and places to discover, there are no roads and only around 500 people live here, it truly is a magical place with some great characteristics. Book and Discover La Graciosa

Hop To The Island of Fuerteventura

Visit Fuerteventura and it's breathtaking Natural park with it´s pristine sand dunes and Caribbean style beaches. Your chance to see TWO ISLANDS IN ONE HOLIDAY! Book And Enjoy Sand Dunes Of Fuerteventura

Rancho Texas Country Night

Step into the Wild West, at the Rancho Texas with entertainment from start to finish. The best part is their delicious menu, eat as much as you like with a BBQ buffet. Succulent chicken, ribs, jacket potatoes, salads, sauces and ice cream for dessert. Grab your partner and take the floor for some good ole´ country classics with the Texas Bandits, then sit back and relax and let the gang give you a send off you won´t forget. Book an Unforgettable Night at the Rancho Texas

There are many more stuff you could choose to do on your romantic holiday apart from the things listed above. How about check out what suits you and your partner best, our Partner Excursions Lanzarote have loads of excursions for everyone....from Adventurers to Shopaholics to Animal Lovers.

Lanzarote Holidays are exciting and memorable with LanzaroteON, whether you are here with family or friends. Check daily Lanzarote Weather for latest weather updates and weather forecast. Do not hesitate to Contact Us for Hotels, Excursions in Lanzarote, partying in Lanzarote and basically anything you fancy doing here. Do not forget to check out the closest beaches to your hotel with LanzaroteON's Interactive Map, your stress free travel guide for a pleasant and safe holiday and get LanzaroteON's Free Discount Card to avail discounts at restaurants, bars, discos and other venues.

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Eating and Drinking

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EXPLORE Lanzarote

Puerto Del Carmen

Puerto Del Carmen

Puerto Del Carmen is one of the main tourist resorts in Lanzarote, with a bustling promenade and a lively nightlife.

Playa Blanca

Playa Blanca

Playa Blanca is a place where you can have a little lavish holiday with a yacht ride or a ferry ride to Fuerteventura Island.

Costa Teguise

Costa Teguise

Costa Teguise is a popular coastal town with lots of British restaurants and pubs.

Puerto Calero

Puerto Calero

Puerto Calero is one the most luxurious ports in the Canary Islands with great restaurants and also some very popular boutiques.