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The Interactive Map of Lanzarote by LanzaroteON is your virtual guide on this beautiful Canarian Island. No need to download, simply open the Map page and make way to beaches, hotels, restaurants, bars, shops, attractions, banks and more.

Getting around Lanzarote with a paper map is passe. You only need your smartphone or tablet to get around the island without any hassles with LanzaroteON’s Map of Lanzarote which is interactive. Check out the benefits of using this virtual map on the island.

No Need to Download:

The best part about the interactive map is that you don’t have to download it cramming the memory of your smartphone or tablet. You only need to have access to the internet so that you can go to the map page and easily go to places where you want to.

Interactive and user friendly:

LanzaroteON’s map of Lanzarote is interactive and user friendly. There is a ‘Search Box’ where you can search for restaurants, bars, museums, beaches, markets and more near you. You can also use the ‘Find Me’ icon to let let the map search for your current location on the island and accordingly show all the ATM’s, hospitals, attractions, beaches etc. around you.

Easy to Book Excursions:

If you are looking to go on excursions, you can search for excursions near you, click on the Book Now icon which takes you to our partners Excursions Lanzarote, where you can learn more about all the excursions, opening and closing times, ticket prices and book them.

Get Discounts at Restaurants and bars:

LanzaroteON knows the importance of the joy of eating delicious food at your favorite restaurant topped with a discount on your bill, unmatchable!!!! That is why we have tied up with lots of restaurants and bars around the island and get you discounts. On the map of Lanzarote page you can search for restaurants and bars, read about them and also see how much discount you get for holding LanzaroteON’s Discount Card, isn’t that amazing?!!!.

So LanzaroteON’s map of Lanzarote is one of the best interactive and virtual guides you can have on the island, giving you easy access to things you love in Lanzarote. Be the first to show some love to this very helpful tool by using and rating it!!!!