Spain Weather Soars, Canary Islands Not Affected

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Spain Weather Soars, Canary Islands Not Affected Spain Weather Soars, Canary Islands Not Affected

Spain weather saw first heat wave of 2017 with temperatures forecasted to go above 42ºc in the valleys of Tajo, Guadiana and Guadalquivir. Canary Islands not affected.

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Mainland Spain Weather high this week:

The temperatures in mainland Spain will see heat rising from Thursday 14th June 2017 till Sunday 18th June 2017. On Monday Merida saw temperature reaching up to 42ºC and South Peninsular was anywhere between 39ºC and 40ºC. More than 30 provinces of Spain have received Orange level warnings for high temperatures, like Aragon, Cuenca, Lleida, Navarra, Comunidad de Madrid and Ebro.

How long will the first heat wave last?

Spain weather is expected to have high temperatures until the first half of next week. Temperatures will continue to be very high ​​for this time of year.

Why are temperatures so high in June this year?

Temperatures have increased this year due to atmospheric instability creating a mass of hot air. There is also close watch on forests for forest fires due to high temperatures and lack of rains in most parts of Spain.

Emergency and Security Recommendations:

- Protect yourself from the sun and heat.

- Shelter yourself from the sun as much as possible and stay in the coolest room in the house. During daylight hours, lower the blinds / curtains of windows.

- Open the windows of the house at night to cool.

- It is advisable to use some sort of air conditioning (fans, air conditioners) to cool the atmosphere.

- Note that when entering or leaving places sudden temperature changes occur that may affect you.

- In the street, avoid going into direct sunlight. Wear a cap or a hat, highest UV protective Sunglasses, apply and high SPF Sunscreen lotion for adults every 2 hours preferably and wear light colored clothing.

- Try to walk in the shade, stay under a parasol on the beach and rest in cool places in the street or in closed spaces that are air-conditioned.

- Carry water and drink often.

- Never leave children or elderly people inside a closed vehicle.

- Avoid going out and doing prolonged exercises in the middle of the day, when it's warmer. Reduce physical activity as much as possible, especially outdoors.

- Take light and regular meals, drinks and foods rich in water and mineral salts, such as fruits and vegetables, which will help replenish salts lost through sweating.

- Do not drink alcohol. Avoid very hot foods and calorie foods.

- Help others. If you know elderly people living alone or sick go to visit them once a day.

- If you take medication, ask your doctor if it can influence the thermo-regulation (It is the process where the human body maintains its core internal temperature. To have an even internal temperature is known as homeostasis. All thermoregulation mechanisms in the body are designed to return the body to homeostasis.of the body).

Why are Canary Islands not affected?

The high temperatures and mass of hot air in Spain is of Atlantic origin and not from North Africa which is close to the Canary Islands, that is why Canary Islands has a pleasant weather between 20ºC - 24ºC throughout this week. Checkout the Weather in Lanzarote and its neighbouring islands before you visit the Canary Islands and enjoy Excursions Lanzarote and Fuerteventura Excursions.

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