Weather in Lanzarote in May

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Weather in May in Lanzarote can be hot and sunny, so going for a dip in the calm beach waters or your hotel or resort pool is a must. The blazing sun keeps the day long and temperatures range between 22 degrees C to 26 degrees C. At night temperature can be near 17 degrees C making it pleasant. Your best swimsuit along with sunscreen, sunhat, sunglasses are essentials during the day.The night temperature could dip so carrying a light jacket would be nice.

Other activities which could keep you busy during May are:

- The Day of the Cross: This is Canary Island’s most colourful religious festivals taken place in the first week of May. It is celebrated with carpets of flowers decorating the public places and locals dancing in traditional costumes.

- Canary Island’s Day: This comes at the end of the month i.e., 30th May, bringing local traditions to light, with sports events, folk music and food tasting on the agenda.

- Ironman contest: This is held at the Club La Santa on 17th May. One of the most popular International events involving three races, a 3.8 km swim, a 180.2 km bike course and a 10.55 km run course.