Weather in Lanzarote in June

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Weather in June is the start of summer season in Lanzarote. This is the best time to enjoy the beaches just before people trickle in the month of July and temperatures soar. The day temperature goes to a maximum of 26 degrees C and cool nights with family and friends over Al Fresco dining is a splendid experience.

Since days are sunny and hot, holiday clothing like t-shirts and shorts are ideal, along with swimwear and sun lotion. A warm wrap or fleece could be nice for a little cool weather in the evening.

The activities which will keep you on your toes in June in Lanzarote are beach parties, fireworks and bonfires across the island, like:

- Fiesta in Guime on June 13 Noche de San Juan: This is a bonfire night to celebrate St.John’s Day on the island on June 23 Fiesta in Haria on June 24 Fiesta in Maguez on June 29

Also some sports events attract tourists from across the globe like :

- Lanzarote Wine Run: This a rather unique 21km run through the Lanzarote wine district of La Geria, accompanied by plenty of wine tasting.

- World Championship Windsurfing contest: This event is held Costa Teguise beaches and is very popular among wind surfers across the globe.