Weather in Lanzarote in February

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Weather in Lanzarote February Weather in Lanzarote February Weather in Lanzarote February

The weather in Lanzarote in February is very similar to January, with temperatures ranging from 19 °C to 23 °C during the day and staying steady between 15 degrees and 16 degrees in the night.

Overall, days are warm and nights cooler, so pack a light sweater along with your swimsuit!!. An odd shower sometimes can also be enjoyed.

The average temperature in Lanzarote in February

The average high temperature in the day in Lanzarote in February is around 20.7°C

The average low temperature in the night in Lanzarote in February is around 13.5°C

What time does the sunrise and sunset in February in Lanzarote

The sun rises around 7:30 am and sets around 18:00- 18:30 pm in Lanzarote in January. The UV rays are still powerful even if its cloudy in Lanzarote sometimes in February. The best way to see the sunset in Lanzarote is on a Lanzarote sunset cruise

Does it rain in Lanzarote in February?

Average rainy days in Lanzarote in February are around 2 to 3 days a month

Average rainfall in Lanzarote in February is around 17mm

Is it warm in Lanzarote in February?

Most days in Lanzarote are warm and you will see many people around the beaches and the pools. You certainly won't mind the odd cloudy spell every now and again, and most hotels and resorts are equipped with lots of fun and entertainment activities indoors. During the day the temperatures are warm around 20°C, though sometimes there may be cool winds blowing, you definitely won't want to forget to take along your swimsuit, sunscreen and flip flops. Evenings can be a little cold, so carrying a fleece or a light jacket along is good, and a quiet stroll along the beach every night is awesome, and at night can get a little colder reaching lows of 13°C.

But is Lanzarote hot in February?

Let's face it is hotter than the UK and Ireland and you can still get sunburned so if the question is Lanzarote hot in February we say yes! it can be it depends on what you are used to. We certainly recommend packing suncream as the weather in Lanzarote in February can vary and while it may look cloudy the UV rays are still shining through the clouds. But come sun or cloud there are so many things to do in lanzarote whatever the weather.

With the weather in Lanzarote in February, what clothes should you pack?

All the usual clothes should be on your list for the days in Lanzarote, certainly swimming clothes, shorts T-shirts and general summer clothes, we would, however, suggest packing something warm for the evening, a hoody, cardigan, you won't need your full-on winter coat. Socks are always a good one to keep your feet warm at night, hotels won't have heating its not needed neither do they provide quilts but most have warm blankets. You won't go wrong picking one or two warmer outfits but you probably won't need them.

If you are coming to Lanzarote in February then you should also consider packing some dressing up costumes as the island hosts the many Lanzarote carnivals in February.

How cold is the sea with the Lanzarote weather in February?

The average sea temperature in Lanzarote in February is around 19°C, it is a shock getting in but it will be warmer than most pools if you are in a hotel or apartment with no heated pool. February in Lanzarote is a lovely time of the year and you can even get yourself out on one of the many Lanzarote boat trips. If your pool is not heated fear not because in Lanzarote one of the two water parks opens all year round and their pools certainly take the chill off and you can have loads of fun on the slides and rides at the same time at the Playa Blanca waterpark Aqualava waterpark Lanzarote. They offer a bus service from Costa Teguise and Puerto Del Carmen also.

Things to do in Lanzarote in February

Like all months there are so many things to do in lanzarote and as February is a relatively quiet month although are plenty of events you will find most of the Lanzarote attractions will be peaceful. There will still be long waiting times at Timanfaya National Park so we always recommend taking one of the Timanfaya National Park tours as they will have priority entrance at the park. The Rancho Texas Park is of course open 365 days of the year and is a great day out for the whole family and there is also the Buggies Lanzarote tours which also have quads and trikes too and this is a great way to see the island.

Other things to see and do in Lanzarote in February

All sorts of sports facilities are provided by Club La Santa to make your training success, including salt-water lagoon, Olympic swimming pool, running track and on- and off-road running routes in the local area. Since February also is a month where many around the world celebrate St. Valentine's Day, Lanzarote is the perfect place for that. Go for the Valentine's Party at Rancho Texas on 14th February, Puerto del Carmen for the whole family to enjoy, with a Western-style BBQ buffet, live music and even a raffle. If you fancy something more sophisticated and romantic night then head to Cantina in Teguise for a special wine pairing and tasting menu.

Lanzarote in February is, even more, livelier and an excellent place to enjoy carnival celebrations. The carnival schedule you will find on our new articles and the events and activities usually include parades, street parties, carnival queen ceremonies, theatrical performances, firework displays, musical concerts and dances. The tradition of burying a sardine on Ash Wednesday also is part of the event.

Almost all towns and villages host their own carnival events and festivities throughout the month, including Arrecife, Puerto del Carmen, Playa Blanca, Haria and Costa Teguise. Apart from lazing around on the white sandy beaches or having a dip into the calm blue waters, you can also venture out for some fun activities away from the beach like visiting the Rancho Texas Lanzarote Park, Pirate Museum and enjoy the scenic beauty with some rounds of golf at Lanzarote Golf.

If you enjoy sport activities then don’t miss the Spring Triathlon Camp, held at Club La Santa. This week-long event is perfect for beginners looking to improve and professionals looking to train for any upcoming triathlon events.