Weather in Lanzarote in December

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December has a varied weather on the island, with rains in the north of the island and sunshine in the south of the island. December is also the wettest month of all, but can be comfortably warm during the day and cooler in the nights depending on the weather in the Atlantic. The maximum temperature during the daytime is 21 degrees C, can still expect a suntan and 14 degrees C in the night, so carry warm clothes.

Christmas in Europe is mostly white, so if you want to escape the cold weather then Lanzarote promises you sunshine. Christmas goodies are in abundance in supermarkets especially for those who have self-catering accommodation.

December can be also an ideal time to party with Christmas round the corner, so don’t forget to carry your party wear topped with some warm coats. But since you still have the bliss of sunshine during the day don’t forget your swimsuit and also an umbrella for when it rains.

If you are the sporty kind then watching or participating in the Club La Santa’s Cycling Trophy from December 15th - December 17th is unmissable for all age groups.